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Welcome to the
of the largest private LGB Club in Germany
 "LGB-friends in the Rhein/Sieg area (registered association)" (near Cologne).

cover Spur G Magazin No. 11 - July 2011

This G SCALE MAGAZIN is directed as an independent model railroad magazine at all prospective customers in G SCALE and, in addition, serves as an official organ of the largest private LGB Club in Germany  "LGB friends in the Rhein/Sieg area (registered association)" (near Cologne)
Accordingly we report about a broadly diversified subject palette which reaches from model railways and their originals, technology, tips and tricks, novelties, travelling and investment presentations up to club subjects. Through the informed subject mix should show this
an additional source of information to the established technical periodicals trade presses. Besides, we would like to appeal to a possibly wide base of model railway enthusiasts: the LGB driver just like the more demanding model designer and layout designer, the collector, friends of the real steam and the persons-carrying garden railroad and of course also the narrow gauge model designer.
G SCALE MAGAZINE appears twice a year (July and December). Members of the largest private LGB Club in Germany  "LGB friends in the Rhein/Sieg area" (near Cologne) receive the magazine within the scope of your membership. It is available further in trade for 9 EUR per issue as well as in the free SUBSCRIPTION for 18 EUR / year add. postage. Send a E-Mail for the shipping postage to foreign countrys.

Notice: Our
G SCALE MAGAZINE  is only available in German language!


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